Noteworthy Contribution towards developing digital environment in the world, for the enhancement of society.Establish 'Addforum.in' as one of the emerging and revered organizations in the field of Information Technology and Services.


"Addforum.in" was started in 2015 by two individuals who had a vision of achieving the heights in IT by caring and serving the people. Over the passing years “Addforum.in” has proved its values by being a successful partner with its clients. Today “Addforum.in” has served more than 65 satisfied clients who have shared that “Addforum.in” is an integral part of their business and has guided them to bring their vision true.


"Addforum.in" started with focus in Direct Selling and has been recognized amongst the Indian leaders in this domain. Also, over this period, we have moved into various domains such as E-Commerce, Retail Management, Centralized Applications & Mobile Solutions.


Competitive quality of “Addforum.in” is defined through our employees. They are the architects of our future, transforming our culture into a unifying force for our global businesses also. This culture elevates our capabilities into strengths, enabling us to compete and win. We hire people who are smart, dedicated and determined, and we favour ability over experience.



"Addforum.in" has created few solutions in each of the given domains. AHRM is the best solutions for Human Resource Management and are delivered in different versions. In Ecommerce we have Cart2Net, Classified Portals which has left impact in this domain. In Retail, we have CentralM to manage, Inventory Management, POS & Client Loyalty Programs. For digital marketing we have AddZen, to promote our client’s business. Bulk Messaging, Bulk WhatsApp, Mobile Website, Android Apps are some of our solutions in Mobility sector.